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About Us

Our story began in the midst of planning our Wedding. During the planning process, we were in the market for a unique outdoor bar to use during cocktail hour.  After searching through vendors limited options -we wanted something more unique, different, and unlike no other. We started researching the concept of a "mobile traveling bar", and absolutely loved the concept of a traveling bar on wheels. This sparked an idea for our Wedding and soon thereafter found an old 1983 horse trailer covered in rust and camo,  but knew she could be beautiful all fixed up and was "the one". We designed and renovated our trailer together into a fully functional mobile bar & debuted her on the day of our Wedding! Prior, we have always loved coming up with cocktail ideas, experimenting with different flavors at home, and creating a craft style cocktail that you may find in a high-end restaurant for fun. We decided to leverage our love for crafting cocktails, with the adorable horse trailer bar, and soon the Traveling Tin Co. was born :)


 We love to celebrate and absolutely believe life should always be celebrated, so whenever the occasion arises and to be around people in some of the happiest moments of their lives, fills us with joy. We are so excited for the future of The Traveling Tin Co. and being part of many celebrations & fabulous events across the 417 area. 

CHEERS on Event Planning!

Lots of Love,

The Traveling Tin Co.

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