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Lucky's Journey, Inspiration, and Renovation Updates

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Lucky's renovation project began early Summer 2018. Plans and renovation details were in the works since early 2018. This blog will share the progress and photos of Lucky's renovation from a horse trailer to a mobile bar!

St. Patrick's Day 2018, when we purchased the horse trailer that would soon be converted into a mobile bar. She was covered in CAMO and was used as a hunting trailer after her life of hauling horses was over. We were so excited to find such a well built trailer in almost perfect condition for being 35 years old


An inspiration board and vision for giving Lucky a fresh look. Dark woods, combined with shiplap for the interior, along with industrial lighting and a fresh white gloss paint. She is going to be beautiful!

Lucky got her fresh paint job!!! We are so thrilled with the results!

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